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My name is Nathan Phung, and I am a music educator, musician, songwriter, composer-arranger, and producer based in San Bernardino, California.


I am currently the Director of Instrumental Music and a guitar and music production teacher at Cajon High School, and sharing my passion for music with future generations has been the defining focus of my career!

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About Nathan Phung

Nathan Phung is currently the Director of Instrumental Music at Cajon High School in San Bernardino, California, where he also teaches guitar and digital music production. During his tenure at Cajon High School, he has worked to grow the music department by introducing diverse music creation and performance classes. 

Nathan also continues to enjoy an active career as a performing musician, songwriter, and producer. He currently plays keyboards in Odd Robot (Wiretap Records), The Maxies (Rock Ridge Music), Poindexter (Ska Punk International), and Annalies Tang (Ska Punk International). In addition, he writes and performs music as Nate Funk.

Nathan attended the Bob Cole Conservatory of Music at California State University, Long Beach, where he received his Bachelor of Music in Music Education and Piano Performance in 2013 and his teaching credential in 2015. His principal piano teachers include Mark Uranker and Ruby Kahanda. He completed his student teaching with Jamie Knight, Mike Simmons, and Gregg Gilboe at Huntington Beach High School.

Nathan lives in San Bernardino, California. Outside of music, he enjoys snowboarding, bowling, and road trips.

"'Lost Inside Yr Ocean' is an absolute blast , the song and video have major summer vibes that we totally dig. We are all about the 60’s feel which , comes courtesy of the sweet spatial reverberations of Telecasters and the band’s newest member and multi-instrumentalist, Nate Phung, on the organ. (The organ on this song, is like a super power, we love it)"
"It’s finally here, the long-awaited third LP from Odd Robot! And, though the perfectly crafted pop songs and wondrously crooning vocals are still there, the overall sound is somewhat different. In the interim since their sophomore full-length, 'Amnesiatic,' was released they’ve added two more members: First Logan Barton took over bass duties from Mike Doherty, who moved to guitar, and then Nate Phung joined on keyboards. Guitarist/lead vocalist Andy Burris and drummer Damian Monroy, remain. Sometimes Phung’s contributions come in the form of a warm electric organ, other times it’s in the form of buzzy new wave synth."
“What’s great about listening to Nate’s music is that it is very versatile. It’s almost like 'what did Nate decide to wear today?' You get the casual, acoustic side of Nate like in 'Hooves' provides, and then you get the Rudeboy, punk-rock side of Nate like in 'Thoughts on the Road.; But at the core of his music–of Nate–is a wonderfully crafty musician as well as an excellent lyricist and storyteller. ”


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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